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Rhodes High School is a Mathematics and Science Focus School. This means that our schools main focus is on attaining and striving for excellence in Pure Mathematics and Physical Science.

Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace and manage change, to uphold high standards and to educate for life within a safe and caring environment, which challenges learners to realize their full potential.


At Rhodes High School always strives to be transparent in its processes, allowing for all involved in our family, current and prospective, to understand the working's of the School. Download Policy documents.

Our Principal

We believe that education is part of the lifelong process that is essential in the transformation and healing of our nation. Our students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals and leaders...

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to embrace and manage change, to uphold high standards and to educate for life within a safe and caring environment, which challenges learners to realize their full potential. We believe that our young people are prepared for a world where change and innovation are part of life. They are taught to be thinking citizens that play their part in our young democracy, and so are prepared to challenge things that are wrong. We encourage each student to be the best in academic, cultural and sporting activities. Our pastoral care sets us apart as a high school of note.

A message from our Principal

We believe that education is part of the lifelong process that is essential in the transformation and healing of our nation. Our students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals and leaders that will enable our country to be a ‘winning nation’  – Keith Long, Principal, Rhodes High School.

A brief History

On 31 March 1978, Rhodes High School was birthed out of an amalgamation of Observatory Boys High (founded in 1895), and Observatory Girls High (founded in 1903). The school, situated in Little Mowbray, stands in its beautiful setting on the slopes of Devils Peak, and along the banks of the Liesbeek River. It is flanked by the N2 highway, and in close proximity of rail and road commuter networks, which links the school with the greater Cape Town area.

When, in 1991, learner totals at Rhodes High School dwindled alarmingly, the school took to heart its motto to "Persevere", and courageously triumphed through trying times. The doors of learning were then opened to learners from far reaching areas across the Cape Peninsula. Taking cognisance of the role of a School in a democratic South Africa, the school has become a microcosm of this, enrolling learners from previously disadvantaged areas and communities. Today, our school has a roll of 960 learners and is still growing.

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