Mr. A’s boot camp


The ABC, started by Mr Arendse in January 2014, was first started as the result of a request by one of his learners. She (Carrin September) asked him how he had lost so much weight and if she could join in on his programme. He then decided to make it ‘official’ and invite all interested learners to join in.

The ABC (Arie’s BootCamp) was an instant hit, particularly among the juniors, and they now boast a proud membership of 22 learners.

The programme is divided between days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays are devoted to cardio, whereas Wednesdays are devoted entirely to Ab routines.

Initially, it was a rough beginning for the first-timers. Gradually though, they are growing in stamina and strength and are slowly getting to the stage where they will be able to keep up with “Arie.”

The club is open to anyone who is keen, teacher or learner… See you there!!!


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