RHS and MySchool


Late last year, 2013, Rhodes High School made an application to the MySchool company for funding to support a project at our school. After an unsuccessful initial proposal, Mr. Long and Mr. Lewis regrouped and reworked the proposal. We are delightfully proud to announce that the second proposal was accepted and granted by MySchool! Rhodes High School was made a recipient of R25 000, toward 2 projects we are running at school!

The first project is a staff development workshop that some of the School Management Team members will be attending, which is being hosted and run by AllCopy. This workshop will hone in on supporting these staff members in their leadership and other skills at school. The second project is a workshop for all grade 8 and 11 learners, run by Crossing Bridges Africa. The aim of this 4-week long workshop is to help learners cross the boundaries and bridges created by our various cultural contexts as inherited from our nation’s past.

On Wednesday, 12 February 2014, Helene Brand of MySchool came to Rhodes to hand over the official cheque. Present was the SMT and a selection of learners from grade 8 and 11. The cheque was handed to Mr. Long (Principal) and Mr. Lewis (PRO), along with a few learners to represent the greater student body.

“Rhodes High School is delighted to have been privy to this wonderful gesture made by the MySchool company. We know that the money will be put to good use, and that the greater Rhodes High School community will benefit richly from it”, Said Mr. Long.

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Pictured here are Mr. Long, Mr. Lewis and a selection of learners from grades 8 and 11 with Helene Brand, the representative of MySchool.