This choir was started in 2012 by Mr. Stephen Arendse, a Music teacher at our school. His purpose with this ensemble was to start a group that sings in a popular idiom. Thus, it is fashioned, somewhat, on latest popular television crazes Glee and Pitch Perfect.

The difficulty one finds these days, is that learners shy away from Choral singing, as they do not wish to be labelled as unpopular. This group provides an alternative from the stereotypes of Choral singing, and provides an opportunity for ensemble music making, while still being relevant, fresh and socially acceptable. Beyond this, it has provided a musical safe haven for many of the exchange students our school hosts on a yearly basis. These learners become one of the musical family within the STC, creating life-long friendships for all concerned.

This choir, although in its infancy, has participated in two external Choral Festivals, has successfully hosted a Festival of its own (with a second pending), has sung two work Premiers (one by a young, local composer who is also a teacher at Rhodes High School, and one by a foreign composer), participated in a Choral Eisteddfod, and has had two national television debuts. No small feat for a Choir thats just over a year old!

This group has proved that within a world where crazy seems to be the new norm, friendships and good Music can help bring a brighter glow into our otherwise hapless society.

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